Spring-Summer 2017 Conferences

For the Spring and Summer 2017 seasons, Salient Sciences will be exhibiting at the following events:

3/7/2017 – 3/9/2017:  Security & Policing Home Office Event 2017, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK (for details, please visit the Security & Policing website)

4/4/2017 – 4/5/2017:  NATIA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Spring Training Conference & Technology Exhibition, Dover, DE

4/24/2017 – 4/26/2017:  National Cyber Crime Conference, Norwood, MA (for details, please visit the NCCC website)

6/15/2017 – 6/17/2017:  AES International Conference on Audio Forensics, Arlington, VA (for details, please visit the AES website)

7/18/2017 – 7/19/2017:  NATIA 2017 Annual Conference & Exposition, Tampa, FL

Please note that attendance at the NATIA conferences is strictly for NATIA members and exhibitors who are specifically invited by the NATIA organization. For further details, please visit https://www.natia.org/.


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