VideoFOCUS Quick Capture

The new screen capture component for VideoFOCUS.

Direct file import is always the first thing to try when bringing media into VideoFOCUS even if it is proprietary video, but screen capture is the goto approach when the media simply will not yield to any of the VideoFOCUS direct import strategies.

VideoFOCUS has featured an integrated screen capture component since early versions of the application. The original implementation has evolved over the years guided by user feedback and forensic requirements and has served well; but now there are new and significantly different capabilities in the Windows 10 OS that allow for a suitable GPU to do direct screen content encoding which is a game changer for the screen capture of HD+ sized video, a format that is becoming prevalent in the security domain.

Capability and performance to support high resolution media and straightforward workflow are driving themes in our vision for VideoFOCUS. With that in mind we created QuickCapture as a new screen capture that would leverage the new Windows 10 capabilities and streamline the whole capture UI experience down to one dialog. Of course it was also an opportunity to add in other improvements that will help make screen capture as useful as possible:

  • Full 4K MP4 capture (with suitable GPU).
  • Capture up to monitor frame rate with zero frame drop (MP4 with suitable GPU).
  • Significantly improved capture performance for non GPU assisted systems.
  • Capture from any screen including scaled and unscaled HDPI displays.
  • Direct selection and adjustment of capture location on any screen.
  • Automatic magnified visualization for precise pixel boundary selection.
  • Fixed dimension capture configuration options.
  • Uncompressed video and loop back audio capture options.
  • Efficient still image screen snapshot capability.
  • Frame label record of frame drop locations in captured video.

For a quick visual of how the new screen capture is used check out the short video above and for a more detailed description visit the VideoFOCUS 10.0 release document.