VideoFOCUS 7.0 Now Available

Having completed the initial beta testing period, both VideoFOCUS Pro and VFSource Version 7.0 are now in general release and are available for download and installation under all licenses having a current maintenance contract*.

In addition to numerous improvements to the user interface and support for some additional DVR formats, the new features of VideoFOCUS Pro include:

  • Automatic Reporting, which produces a PDF report detailing the properties of each item being reported, all steps required to reproduce, hashes (both SHA1 and SHA-256) for all imported and exported media items, plus user-editable text fields under Case Properties and Session Properties that provide notes for the overall case and each item along with the agency name, examiner name, case number, and case title;
  • Macro Function, enabling any set of actions taken on one piece of media to be quickly applied to other similar media, without the user having to repeat the same actions in the user interface;
  • Unified Export Window, supporting the simultaneous export of multiple images, video, and audio, with separate tabs allowing independent format selection for each type and a detailed PDF report being automatically produced and saved along with the items (if enabled);
  • Improved Item Labeling and Tooltips, providing a more consistent methodology for the labeling of items created by filters, modifications, edits, etc.;
  • Independent Time Zone Setting for Each Case under the new File->Case Properties menu item, a helpful function for examiners who work on cases originating from across multiple time zones, and;
  • Cases Now Described Through a Standardized Text File, not a version-specific binary file as in previous versions, enabling new cases created in versions 7.0 onward to be opened with later versions.

Please watch for our automated support messages informing of new releases, and also periodically check our support website for the newest versions of VideoFOCUS as they become available.

* Under Upgrade Amnesty, any previously-purchased VideoFOCUS license is now eligible to gain entitlement to all new versions for one future year with the purchase of a 1YR maintenance contract. To request a quotation to renew maintenance on your VideoFOCUS license, please complete and submit the online form and either we or your in-country dealer will respond as soon as possible.