Spring-Summer 2019 Conferences

For the Spring and Summer 2019 seasons, Salient Sciences will be exhibiting at the following events:

3/5/2019 – 3/5/2019:  Security & Policing Home Office Event 2019, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK (for details, please visit the Security & Policing website)

4/9/2019 – 4/10/2019:  NATIA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Spring Training Conference & Technology Exhibition, Dover, DE

4/29/2019 – 5/1/2019:  National Cyber Crime Conference, Norwood, MA (for details, please visit the NCCC website)

7/30/2019 – 8/1/2019:  NATIA 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition, Kansas City, MO

Please note that attendance at the NATIA conferences is strictly for NATIA members and exhibitors who are specifically invited by the NATIA organization. For further details, please visit the NATIA website.


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